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Do you deliver to PO Boxes and Parcel Lockers?Updated 12 days ago

Yes, we do!

To enter a parcel locker or PO Box address, follow these steps:

1. In the "Address" field, enter your Parcel Locker number using the words "Parcel Locker" followed by the number. For example: Parcel Locker 00000 00000. For PO Boxes, type in "PO Box" followed by the number. For example: PO BOX 0000

2. In the "Apartment, suite, etc." field, enter the parcel locker street address (Number and Street Name)

3. Enter the Suburb name, State, and Postcode.

Make sure to enter the address accurately to avoid any delivery issues.

All Parcel Locker and PO Box addresses will be allocated to AusPost for delivery.

Please note: Our system allocates the courier automatically. If you do not enter your Parcel Locker address correctly, it could result in your package being sent to the wrong location, delayed, or assigned to a courier that does not deliver to Parcel Lockers, leading to your parcel being returned to sender.

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